BBS Walsrode – European School in Lower Saxony

What makes us a European School?

We place particular emphasis on the development of intercultural skills and European awareness. Our students have the opportunity to participate in various exchange programmes and projects to improve their language skills and to experience other cultures first hand. By working closely with partner schools across Europe, we broaden the horizons of our students and promote intercultural dialogue.

Our dedicated teachers are highly qualified and bring their expertise and passion for Europe to the classroom.

They help students to develop their individual skills and discover their talents. With a wide range of subjects, both national and European, we offer a varied and stimulating learning environment.

Our curriculum is enriched by a wide range of extra-curricular activities that give students the opportunity to develop their social, cultural and sporting interests. From theatre performances to exhibitions, competitions and international sports tournaments, learning is complemented by practical experience and teamwork.

Language skills for intercultural understanding

As a European school, we place great emphasis on the development of language skills. In addition to learning English as a lingua franca, we also offer the opportunity to learn Spanish. By offering mother tongue teaching and supporting language certificates such as the International Business Certificate, we give our students the best opportunities for their personal and professional future.
Our aim is to educate our students to become open-minded and responsible Europeans who are able to play an active role in a globalised world.

With our outstanding quality in the field of European education, we provide them with the basis for achieving their goals and realising their dreams.

Get to know us as the “European School in Lower Saxony”. We look forward to welcoming you to our school community!