Mission statement of the BBS Walsrode

  • Together, we embark on an educational journey that will qualify you professionally and develop you personally.
  • Discover your professional opportunities with us.
  • We will advise you individually, give you orientation and discover your strengths.
  • It is all about you, and this perspective is unbiased.
  • We learn intelligently in a digital and innovative environment – even if we are not always perfect, we focus on progress, growth and getting better.
  • Numerous projects and working groups open up new perspectives.
  • Our size and diversity are your advantage.
  • We like to work here
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Leadership principles

“The great thing is not to be this or that, but to be yourself!”
(Sören Kirkegaard)

  • We reflect on our leadership behaviour and continuously develop our skills.
  • We represent the values of our school and act with loyalty.
  • We motivate by conveying confidence and using positive language.
  • In challenging situations, we keep an overview and set priorities.
  • We accept criticism and work together to find solutions.
  • We are aware of our role as role models.

“Smile and the world changes.” (Buddha)

  • We become aware of what is going on in others.
  • We take time for each other.
  • We strengthen each individual.
  • We handle information with care.
  • We justify our decisions and seek acceptance.
  • We keep our promises

“Either we find a way or we make one.” (Hannibal Barkas)

  • We build on our strengths.
  • Together we achieve our goals by participating, developing and implementing.
  • We meet challenges with solutions.
  • We create a balance between requirements, plans and situational needs.
  • We communicate our plans in good time.
  • We promote self-efficacy by delegating authority and trust.

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” (Aristotle)

  • We know the strategic goals and develop them within the framework of the guidelines.
  • We make room for the implementation of innovative ideas.
  • We initiate and manage change processes.
  • We are aware of our roles and act accordingly.
  • We stabilise the tried and tested.