Study Abroad

Do you want to get out, be free, discover new things and get away from it all?

Not only will you develop your intercultural skills, you will also improve your language skills.

We are a European school

From 01.08.2023 BBS Walsrode will bear the additional title “European School in Lower Saxony”. This title stands for our high quality standards in European education. We promote open-minded and responsible Europeans for a successful future. Discover the world with us and become part of our school community!

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Why go abroad?

Going abroad is not only a great experience, it also looks good on your CV.

Your chances on the international job market will be improved not only by the “Europass Mobility” work certificate, which is recognised in all EU countries, but also by the new skills, techniques and working methods you will have learned. At the same time, your personal development will progress, you will become more independent and courageous, and your self-esteem will be strengthened. Participants who have been abroad reported that their personalities were strengthened and their horizons broadened. Your experience of a different culture will help you in the future to deal with other cultures in a more understanding and empathetic way.

You will also make new contacts and friends and have the chance to experience another country much more intensively than on holiday.

In today’s globalised world, work is increasingly taking place across national borders. This makes it all the more important to acquire a broad range of skills and get an insight into the working world of your partner country.

Advantages for companies

There are also advantages for you as a training company:

  • You promote the personal development of your trainees through their stay abroad.
  • In return, you receive motivated, team-oriented young people with enhanced personal and language skills
  • Position yourself as an attractive and open-minded employer
  • Receive the “Erasmus+ Training Partner” label for your commitment


As an “Erasmus+” accredited educational institution, you can become mobile with us at BBS Walsrode and acquire the “Europass Mobility” work certificate, which is recognised in all EU countries. The EU Erasmus+ programme supports you with the costs incurred. The programme will cover a large part of your travel costs. The amount depends on the programme, the partner country and the length of your stay.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to become mobile beyond European borders through “Education Worldwide”.

Support services

An instructor/ teacher will work with you to prepare for your trip and support you throughout. You will always have a contact person who can advise you in emergency situations.

You will be well prepared to work internationally later in your career, making your transition to the working world easier.

Contact persons

In addition to your class teachers, the following people are available to answer your questions and provide information. They will be happy to advise you.